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 Forget 'no shipping'

Travellers: With Airbük make money on your trips by delivering items on the way.

Shoppers: Airbük helps you get what you want from anywhere in the world.

Why use Airbük?

Airbük as a platform helps you to



Peer to Peer

Secure Payments

Keep exploring the world
without worrying about

your budget

Shop without boundaries.
Get the latest items from
around the world

Instantly chat 1-on-1

with the traveller/


Traveller receives the amount 

only after the delivery



Shop: How it works?

Use the Airbük App to connect to international travellers, domestic flyers or daily commuters.


Travel: How it works?

Use the Airbük App to connect with users at your destination, to deliver items and make money.


Say goodbye to 'no shipping'

Deliver any item that you can carry



Perfume, Body & Hair

Get the best skincare items from around the world.

Get the best beauty items from around the world.

Get the latest perfume, body lotions or hair care products.


Electronic & Computer


Follow the trend and own the latest fashin before it gets old.

Own the latest tech before anyone around you.

Get food from your favourite city flown to you.

Bags & Wallets


Kids shop

Get the most stylish and luxurious bags that you can find anywhere.

Can’t find a book on locally? Simply request it from on Airbük.

Get maternity items, baby food and baby toys.

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Why partner with us?

How many customers do you lose every month just because you are not where your customers are?

What if someone who is travelling from your location to your customer's location could just buy and deliver your products to your customers without even charging you a penny?

Airbük makes it possible for you to reach your customers in the least amount of time in the cheapest way possible.


Partner with Airbük to get your products in the hands of your customers no matter where they are!

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Forget 'no shipping', Say hello to Travellers
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